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Cycling Class
Never too young or old to learn a lifetime skill! Our friendly coach will pair you up with the right bike and guide you through the right way to start cycling in just 1 to 2 lessons. 85% of students are able to start cycling in 1 lesson! 
We have a step-by-step formula that enables you to start learning by first conquering your fear, understanding the balancing technique, before you start paddling and cycling - all within an hour!
Is there a guarantee to learn cycling with us?
Yes! if you do not learn in 2 lessons, you may want to sign up for our 1-month membership at only $65 - which entitles you to unlimited 3-hours rental on weekdays. Once you have learned the proper skills, it is all about repetition and gaining confidence as a cyclist!
Many of our students do opt for the membership after their cycling lessons too! Consistent cycling right after learning is the best way to instill this vital life skill in you!

Cycling class is conducted at Esplanade Store.
Private Lesson
Price: $80 per lesson
Duration: 60mins
Location: Esplanade

Group or family lesson (up to 4 pax)
Price: $60 per person, per lesson
Duration: 60mins
Location: Esplanade

Frequent Asked Question

- Why is the lesson so short?

From our experience, after 60mins it will be too tiring to continue. The interest level and exhaustion will make the learning experience worse. With our learning method, most can learn to balance and start paddling in 30mins!
- What should I wear?

Covered shoes is a must! Do wear comfortable clothing such as shorts, tees, or activewear. Avoid jeans or tight clothing that restraint your movement.
How do I register?

- Email us at or click on the button below. As our coach is not stationed in the store, we will need advance booking to arrange the class specially for you.

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